Adding an Attribute

You can specify attributes of an entity type or a relationship in the search criteria.

  1. Click Select attribute.

    The list of attributes is displayed based on the entity type or the relationship type that is selected.
  2. From the Select attribute drop-down list, select the attribute to be included in the search criteria.

    You can either search and select the attributes, or, scroll on the Select attribute dialog box.

    An input box is displayed after the equals operator.
  3. In the Input box, enter the value of the selected attribute.

    You can add multiple values, separated by commas.

    Note: As of now, only the equals operator is available. The other operators will be added in the future releases.
  4. Add more attributes of the entity or relationship type.

    When multiple attributes are specified, the attributes are joined by an And operator and the search query considers the combination of the attributes while displaying the search results.

  5. Click Search.

    The Search Results page is displayed.