Transaction and Interaction Data

Transactions and Interactions capture user preferences.

Understanding customer needs, behavior and intent is crucial to deliver a personalized experience. Reltio not only brings together data from all the sources and models relationships, but also, critically correlates all omnichannel interactions and transactions with the Connected Customer Profiles.

A Transaction or an Interaction stands for an event that occurs at a particular moment, such as, making a retail purchase, opening an email, opening a support case, or, visiting a website. For example, Joe (customer) owning a PS5 (product) is an information or a fact about Joe, whereas, Joe exploring the features of PS5 on a website is an Interaction and buying a PS5 on 1st December is a Transaction.

Bringing all master data, relationships, and interactions together delivers the true 360 view. With this complete view, you can understand the complete dynamic behavior of your customers including their product preferences, channel preferences, and other buying behaviors.