Data Science

For your organization to compete in the experience economy, it’s imperative to leverage analytical insights that power enhanced experiences and decisions.

However, you cannot meet these objectives by relying upon disparate, disconnected Master Data Management (MDM) systems and reporting tools.

Reltio Connected Data Platform puts all the information and machine learning you need in one place, accessible in real-time. The platform can power deeper analytics by consolidating reliable and accurate data from master profiles, interactions and transactions, as well as third-party, public and social media sources. Reltio uses real-time, machine-learning-based matching to eliminate inconsistencies in your data, uncover patterns and detect anomalies, powering optimized data accuracy and quality.

With the bi-directional connector to Apache Spark, you can enable sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and efficiently bring the resulting insights and scores back into the connected customer 360 profiles. By doing so, you make that information available operationally to all stakeholders and applications throughout your organization.