What comes with your Reltio Connected Data Platform Subscription

Your subscription decides the types of licenses, permissions, and profiles you receive.


Your Reltio Connected Data Platform license allows you to access the following three tenants:

  • Development
  • Test
  • Production
Table 1. Tenants
Tenant Description
Development The DEV tenant is where you perform your configuration research and development and try out new ideas; experiment, brainstorm with business users. The maximum number of entities allowed in this tenant is 200,000.
Test The TEST tenant is where you apply selected elements of the configuration you have created in your Development tenant, and then try them out with a volume set of data. You can request a copy of the data from your Production tenant to your Test tenant, if needed. Typically, your Test tenant will be integrated to Test environments of your other systems. This tenant is licensed for the same number of entities as your production tenant.
Production The PROD tenant is where your users are actively managing your production data. It is typically integrated to your production systems.

Acceleration through Pre-Configuration

Each tenant (Dev, Test, and Prod) comes pre-configured with a Solution Accelerator that most closely supports the business objectives of the customer. Additionally the Dev tenant is provisioned with a small sample set of sample data designed to illustrate the use of the out-of-the-box application.


Each tenant (Dev, Test, and Prod) is allocated and linked to an AWS SQS queue to receive events from the tenant. This conveniently enables message-queue style of integrations with other systems in your enterprise.

Reference Data Management (RDM)

Each Master Data Management (MDM) tenant (Dev, Test, and Prod) is accompanied by and logically linked to a Reference Data Management (RDM) tenant. The RDM tenant is pre-configured with reference data supportive of the Solution Accelerator pre-configured on the MDM tenants.

File Space

Each subscription is accompanied by a bucket in AWS S3 where you can place data files and perform file manipulations. The bucket serves as a convenient folder in the Reltio Connected Cloud where applications can retrieve and place files for data loading and extraction. Sometimes, you may want to place extracts from on-premises systems into this folder for easy access by integration tools.

Data as a Service

If your Reltio Platform license includes the use of Reltio Connected Cloud’s Data as a Service integration to a Reltio platform Data Tenant, your Dev, Test, and Prod tenants will be pre-integrated to the Data Tenant(s) using Reltio’s DTSS (Data Tenant Subscription Service) technology.

If your Reltio Platform license includes the use of Reltio Connected Cloud’s Data as a Service integration to Dun & Bradstreet, your Dev, Test, and Prod tenants will be pre-integrated to Dun & Bradstreet through the Reltio Connected Cloud’s out-of-the-box Dun & Bradstreet integration. However, for this service, you must provide your account information for Dun & Bradstreet.

Tenant Clones and Snapshots & Restore

Starting October 2021, we are providing more flexibility and simplification for tenant cloning services and snapshot services by including additional clones and snapshots as well as a lower price point for purchasing even more.

Tenant Cloning is an important service used to make an exact copy of a tenant from one tenant to another. Now, you will have one clone per month included in your subscription with the ability to purchase additional cloning services. See Table 1: Tenant Cloning and Snapshot & Restore Details for the detailed information on pricing.

Tenant Snapshots is also an important service used to save a copy of your data to file storage. You will have the ability to snapshot a tenant once a month and purchase additional snapshots at a lower price point indicated in Table 1: Tenant Cloning and Snapshot & Restore Details.

Table 2. Tenant Cloning and Snapshot & Restore Details
Service Details Earlier New, Effective From October 1, 2021
Tenant Cloning Default entitlement One per year One per month
Pricing* USD $15,000 per clone USD $5,000 per clone
Tenant Snapshot & Restore Default entitlement One per year One per month
Pricing* USD $20,000 per snapshot & restore USD $5,000 per snapshot & restore
Retention 7 Days 30 Days
* Pricing applicable for requests exceeding the default entitlements.

What has changed since October 1, 2021?

Increased Default Entitlements for Clones and Snapshots

You will be entitled to one (1) on-demand clone operation and one (1) on-demand snapshot and restore operation each per calendar month per base package subscription free for you. All customers are eligible for these default entitlements. Beyond these default entitlements, you will be invoiced for any additional operations (overages) requested per the pricing below. For the definition of "base package subscription", see Entitlements.

Pricing for Additional Clones and Snapshots

The pricing for each additional on-demand clone or on-demand snapshot & restore per operation (beyond your default entitlements) will be USD $5,000.
Note: After a snapshot is taken, you may request a one-time restore of it any time within the next 30 days at no charge.

For more information, see Tenant Cloning and Snapshots FAQ.