Record Identifiers

The External Match application allows you to match records stored externally in a file with entities within the Reltio platform.

You must map columns in the input file with the attributes that are part of the Reltio data model.

You can identify the input records that matched with the records in the tenant when you download the match results through a Record Identifier. By default, the first column of the mapping table in the User Interface is selected as the Record Identifier. You can change the default Record Identifier if required, to any other column that contains unique values across your dataset.

For more information, see Exporting Match Results.

While setting the Record Identifier, you must remember the following information:

  • You cannot set more than one column as the record identifier.
  • Select a unique column as the record identifier. You can verify the match results easily.
  • Any column that is mapped with an attribute cannot be set as a record identifier. A mapped column can be set as a record identifier after unmapping it.
  • If the column with a record identifier is chosen for mapping, the record identifier property is removed from that column. The column gets mapped to the respective attribute now. The record identifier moves back to the default column.