Downloading Exported Output Files

After your export jobs are completed, you can download the output files.

Use the following steps to download the output files of the completed export jobs:
  1. Click the Completed tab on the main page of the Export application in Console.

    The Completed page appears.

  2. Hover over the completed export job for which you want to download the output files.

    The view exported files option appears.

  3. Click the View exported files option to see the Details panel. If required, you can navigate between the completed jobs by using the Previous and Next arrows displayed next to the job's name in the Details panel.

    The Details panel contains a link to view the exported files, as shown below.

  4. Clicking the VIEW EXPORTED FILES link in the Details panel opens a page for downloading the output files of the selected job.
    Note: The link that is sent to you through an email message to view the exported files also opens the same page.
  5. Select the files that you want to download. When you select the files, the Download button becomes active.

  6. Click the Download button to save the output file on your system.

    To return to the main page, click the Close button on the download page that lists all the output files that are available for downloading.