Match Events

By default, all Match events from Reltio APIs are sent to queues or topics as messages in JSON format.

Match Events

Headers: tenantId; eventType; sourceObjectUri
	"type": <string>,
      "updatedTime": <timestamp>,
      "uris": <List<string>>

updateTime appears only if JMSIncludeMergeTime: true (by default, it is false) is specified in the field in the streaming configuration. Only type ENTITIES_MERGED is supported. The updatedTime includes the timestamp when the entities were merged.

The URIs include the URIs of all merge participants.

Internally, these event types are supported:

  • ENTITIES_MERGED: the entity was merged by the platform with some other entities.

  • ENTITIES_MERGED_MANUALLY: the entity was merged by the user's _sameAs request.

  • ENTITIES_MERGED_ON_THE_FLY: a phantom entity was merged with the entity.

Note: When the system sends these event types to the external queue, it always converts the type of the event into ENTITIES_MERGED in the typeFilter property in the Tenant physical configuration streamingConfig-messaging->destinations section. Therefore, even if you indicate ENTITIES_MERGED_MANUALLY, or ENTITIES_MERGED_ON_THE_FLY, the propagated event is ENTITIES_MERGED.