Accelerate the Value of Data

Why use Reltio for Healthcare

Learn about Reltio for Healthcare for managing master data in the healthcare domain.

Are you a Reltio business user, data management user, or system administrator managing master data for your organization in the Healthcare industry? Reltio for Healthcare is optimized for healthcare data to improve data quality and extend the reach of patient, provider, and organization data to improve clinical and business outcomes. Reltio for Healthcare focuses on extending the impact of data across multiple stakeholders, for example:
  • CFOs concerned with enhancing the value of care providers and programs, improving patient experience and population health

  • CMOs leveraging consolidated data for analytics and decision making

  • CDOs ensuring compliance for consent and other regulatory requirements

Our Reltio for Healthcare velocity pack delivers a single source of truth to downstream operational and analytical applications in order to help organizations increase their efficiency, optimize their processes, and enable better business decisions from those systems. Reltio for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations and payers drive business initiatives around improving patient and member experience, clinical effectiveness, value-based care preparedness, merger and acquisition, and provider data management focusing their efforts to accelerate growth and improve operational efficiency.

Reltio for Healthcare helps hospitals and payers transform their disparate siloed data into complete and actionable information. The prepackaged solution features a robust Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) that enables healthcare organizations to identify and match patient records stored across multiple IT systems to prevent duplicate data and ensure all patient records are accurate and up-to-date.This solution helps govern complex provider data to deliver accurate, complete, and up-to-date contact information. With this clean data, you can build critical relationships between patients and providers that drive the care-team collaboration necessary to provide the highest level of patient care.

What can Reltio for Healthcare do for you?

Boost your growth and transform customer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing innovative and personalized service to providers and patients.

  • Improve patient care with accurate and fast information.

  • Identify payer needs connected with a complete view of patient data.

Optimize processes to drive operational excellence and reduce costs
  • Streamline the billing and paying processes for healthcare procedures.

  • Provide solid data on which to base decisions.

  • Manage patient, provider, and vendor data in the cloud.

Simplify risk management and compliance
  • Earn customer trust and loyalty by protecting their data and managing it according to preferences.

  • Clearly see data that alerts you to missed activities to minimize claim errors and delays.

  • Avoid penalties by improving compliance with HIPAA, Medicaid and Medicare, and other regulations.

To find out more about the benefits of this velocity pack and what some of our healthcare customers have achieved, visit our web site To get started with Reltio for Healthcare, see topic What you get with Reltio for Healthcare.