Accelerate the Value of Data

Why use Reltio for Financial Services

Learn about Reltio for Financial Services for managing master data in the financial services market segment.

Whether you're managing investment portfolios, lending to small businesses, or running full-service bank branches, you depend on trustworthy data.

Financial institutions and their affiliates accumulate a tremendous amount of customer information, which is stored in siloed, ungoverned, out-dated, and disconnected systems. These data silos lead to inconsistent customer experiences, a difficulty identifying up- and cross-sell opportunities, and a negative impact on potential growth.

Reltio can help! Reltio for Financial Services will help consolidate, clean, and organize your data. Use the preconfigured data platform to ensure your entire organization has trusted, up-to-date information. Let Reltio help you manage financial services data in near real time, giving you time to innovate and fine-tune your customer experience!

What can Reltio for Financial Services do for you?

Boost your growth and transform customer experience
  • Identify growth opportunities by arming agents and brokers with a complete view of customer data.

  • Improve sales and marketing outcomes through data-driven targeting and timely delivery of marketing content to the right people.

  • Increase customer loyalty and deepen client relationships by providing innovative and personalized service across accounts, individuals, households, and locations.

Optimize processes to drive operational excellence and reduce costs
  • Ensure business users have access to consistent, accurate, and complete data that is being maintained and updated in real time.

  • Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks like performing conflict of interest checks, creating pitch books, and preparing other sales materials.

  • Create new digital ecosystems by seamlessly integrating former data silos to form a unified source of trusted data.

Simplify risk management and compliance
  • Earn client trust and loyalty by protecting sensitive data and managing it according to their preferences.

  • Improve credit risk detection analytics and identity verification.

  • Avoid penalties by improving compliance with KYC, AML, GDPR, and other regulatory program requirements.

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