Accelerate the Value of Data

Set up Azure Blob Storage mapping

This article demonstrates how to set up Azure Blob Storage.

  1. Click Azure Blob Storage.
    See the image Select File which has the mandatory fields (highlighted) that helps you to pull data files from Azure Blob Storage and load them into Reltio.

    Enter all the mandatory fields (*) for Azure Blob Storage.

    Table 1. Azure Blob Storage
    Credentials Description
    Azure Account Name This represents the Azure storage account name on your Microsoft Azure account homepage.
    Access key The Access key can be found under Access keys within your Azure storage account.
    Container This represents the name of the Container which you created under your Azure storage account.
    File Path The file path will reside within your Azure Container.

    For more information, see Load entities into a tenant.

  2. Select the Azure storage account.
  3. On the left view panel, find the access key under Access keys option within your Azure storage account.
  4. On the Reltio Access keys image, select Show keys.
  5. Copy the key.
  6. Select your Azure storage account.
    Selecting the Azure storage account will help you to create a container.
  7. Create a container.
  8. Select + container.

    The data file will reside in your container.

  9. Specify the file path.
    Note: The file path will reside within your Azure Container. If you did not create any additional folders, it will simply be the file name.