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Configure an API Collection

An API collection is a set of APIs with a common access pattern, so that they can be managed together.

For example, a set of Salesforce APIs that will be called by recipes used by the sales team should be grouped together in one API Collection.

To configure an API collection:
  1. From the Tools menu, click API platform. You can now see the tabs that are displayed in the following image:

  2. Click API Collections. You can now see all the API collections that are displayed under the account.

  3. Select the BVD collection. You can see all APIs related to BvD Integration. When you view the collection for the first time, the status of all APIs will be inactive.

You can review the APIs for a specific list of recipes that are imported into a collection. If required, you can edit the API names, the URLs, and the REST API method. When an API is selected, the following details are displayed:

After you configure an API collection, you can add an API client for your organization and create an access profile using which you can give access to specific API collections.