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Clients and Access Profiles

Clients are logical groups of users, such as members from the same organization, who receive access to one or more API collections through an access profile.

A client can have one or more access profiles, which specify the collection, authentication method, access policy, and whitelisted IP addresses. An access policy sets restrictions on a usage of an API, through a rate limit and usage quota.

The following image is an example of a client who has one access profile:

Add an API Client

To add a new API client to the API collection:
  1. From the Tools menu, click API platform.
  2. In the API platform page, click Clients. Here, API owners can manage and create new API clients.

  3. Click Add new client. You must provide a name for the client, and can optionally add a description and attach a logo for the client.

  4. Click Add client.

Once the client is added, you must create an access profile for the API. Every client has one or more access profiles that are associated with an API collection.

Create an Access Profile

To create an access profile:
  1. Select the client that was added.
  2. In the client’s page, click Create access profile.

    You must provide the client name and one or more API collections to give the client access, and can optionally select the access policy, IP whitelist, and authentication method.

  3. Create two access profiles, the first for Reltio and second for BvD.
    • For the Reltio profile, select OAuth 2.0 as the authentication method.
    • For the BvD profile, select Auth Token as the authentication method and BvD as the API collection.
  4. Click Add profile. After the access profiles are created, enable the API collections as shown in the following image: