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Working with Saved and Recent Searches

Saved and Recent searches allow you to reuse the search queries and results.

Exploring the Saved and Recent Searches

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In the new view of our enhanced Search, you will find the Saved and Recent searches at the top toolbar for easy access.

The Saved and Recent searches dialog lists all the saved searches that are accessible to you. These searches could have been created by you or shared with you by anyone in your team. The Name of the Saved Search identifies the search, the Shared with column tells you whether the Saved search is shared with others or privately to you only. The Filtered attributes column gives you the details of the attributes that are used for creating the search query. When you hover over the Filtered attributes, the pop-up dialog box shows the list of attributes used in the search query. The No. of Profiles column lists the number of expected Search Results.

You can edit the name of the Saved search created by you, or even delete it inline, if needed. If you use a saved search often, you can mark it as a 'favorite' by hovering-over it and clicking on the Star icon. Cleaning up and deleting your saved search is easy and fast with bulk delete. Simply select the saved searches you want to delete and delete them. it must be noted that you can only delete saved searches that you have created.

Now, let us imagine you have a very long list of saved searches. With the 'Search' functionality, you can easily find a saved search by searching on its name. In addition, you can filter the list based on the shared settings or view only your favorite saved searches.

As part of this new experience, we introduced Recent searches so you can access your historic searches with an intent to reuse what you have used earlier. You can see the last 20 historic searches with the details of which attributes contributed to those searches. Recent searches are sorted in the chronological order with the most recent at the top.