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Pin a value in the Sources perspective

Learn how to pin an attribute value.

You can pin a value from a set of attribute values. When you pin a value, you pin only the value and not a crosswalk. In other words, if the same value is available in different crosswalks, they are also pinned. When getting attribute values, any survivorship strategies defined are ignored and the pinned value is considered the surviving value.

To pin an attribute value in the Sources

  1. In the Profile page, click Sources perspective. You will see the source data and crosswalk details for the entity.
  2. Hover over the attribute value that you want to pin and select the Pin option. You will see the Pin icon displayed next to all the crosswalk values for the attribute that are similar to the pinned value. For example, let us pin the Middle Name A, as shown in the image below.
    Note: When you pin A from a source, it is pinned for all sources.
    If you update any one of the pinned values, the Pin icon is removed for that value. However, the other values are still pinned. In our example, let us update the Middle Name from A to C for the Finance source. e.g. Middle Name 'A' is updated to 'C' for 'Finance' source system causing it to loose it's pin.

    The Pin icon for the Finance source system is removed. However, the Pin icon for the Reltio source system still remains.

    If all the pinned values are updated, then the updated values are no longer pinned. The Operational value (OV) for the attribute now defaults to the survivorship rule that was initially specified, as shown below.