Accelerate the Value of Data

Add Attributes in the Sources Perspective

You can add attributes for an entity in the Sources perspective.

To add an attribute in the Sources perspective:

  1. In the Profile page, click Sources perspective.
  2. Click + ATTRIBUTE.
    The Add attributes dialog is displayed.
  3. Select the relevant attribute from the list.
    The attribute is added to the Sources list. The Rule type is displayed for the newly added attribute. You can add new attribute values for the attribute, if required.
  4. To add an attribute value for an attribute, drag the crosswalk from the Crosswalk tab under Legend from the right pane.
  5. Drop it into the Attribute values column of the related attribute.
    An empty value is added in the Attribute values column.
  6. Click the More actions menu on the newly added attribute value and select Edit.
  7. Enter or select the value in the field.
    The new attribute value is now available in the Attribute values column.