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Depending upon your tenant configuration, your Dashboard can display a variety of profile facets.

Select Dashboard from the main menu to display Dashboard facets.

You can interact with facets displayed on the Dashboard to display data and to click the links to more detail. You can configure your tenant to display the following profile facets:

  • Bar chart
  • Bubble chart
  • Map chart
  • Profile Stats
  • Saved searches facet
  • Tag cloud
  • Treemap (for Roles and Entity Types)
  • Workflow charts

Note: Reltio assists your organization with the set up of your Dashboard facets display.

The Profile Stats facet displays the profile activity in your tenant for a specified reporting period.

You can select the following options for the reporting period:

  • Custom
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 24 hours

The Profile Stats facet displays data as a line graph for:

  • New profiles
  • Updated profiles
  • Deleted profiles
  • Matched profiles
  • Auto-merged profiles
  • Manually merged profiles
  • Unmerged profiles
  • Not a Match profiles
Note: The Auto-merged category includes the profiles that are merged-on-the-fly as well.

The number displayed above the terms, such as New, Updated, and so on, are counters that simply represent the number of events for the respective term. For example, the number 51 against Updated indicates 51 updated events and similarly for others. These counters do not increase or decrease the Matched Category and there are no other behavioral changes.

Example: When you unmerge two entities, the counters will be updated as follows:

Updated +1, Unmerged +1, and Not a Match +2

Your dashboard also displays an Activity Log and Workflow inbox.

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