Accelerate the Value of Data

Add a Workflow Task

You can add a new workflow task to the selected profile.

To add a new workflow task:

  1. In the Profile perspective, click the Workflow tab on the right pane. The Add New Workflow dialog appears.

  2. From the Select task type drop-down, select the workflow task. Tasks type can be Account Onboarding, Process with custom JARs, Data Verification with Loop, and Recommend for Delete.
  3. In the Type a comment field, enter any comments relating to the workflow task.
  4. Click Start. A new workflow task is created and appears in the Workflow tab in the Profile perspective.
  5. Click the arrow button next to the task.

  6. In the Due date field, click the Calendar to specify the date when the task is due.
  7. From the Priority drop down, select the priority of the task.
  8. From the Assigned to drop down, select the name of the employee who is responsible for completing the task.
  9. In the Comments field, enter comments for the workflow task.

Actions to complete the task

The user to whom a task is assigned has to take the necessary action to complete the task. If you have selected a Data Change Request Review or Recommend for Delete tasks, the following workflow actions are available:

You can opt to Delete the workflow task or cancel it.

If you have selected a Potential Match Review task, the the following workflow actions are available:

You can choose to merge the potential match profiles, or specify it as not a match.

Note: You can view the More options menu only for those tasks that are assigned to you. This option is not available for tasks that are not assigned to you.