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Activity Log Perspective (new view)

The Activity Log perspective displays details of the various user activities across the tenant.

For example, if a user logged into the system at 10:00:00 am and has searched for a specific profile, the Activity log will display these details along with the name of the user who logged in.

Note: To enable this Early Access feature, you have to select the Profile activity log option in the Manage View Preferences page. For more information, see Change from Classic to New UI.

The newly redesigned Activity Log perspective is available in the Profile View.

Table 1: User Activities displays the user activities displayed in the Activity Log.

Table 1. User Activities
Icon Activity
Profile updated, Relationship updated, Tenant updated, Model updated, Group updated
Group created, Profile created, Relationship created, Tenant created
User logged in
User logged out
Profile removed, Relationship removed, Group removed, Potential Matches removed, Comment deleted
Searched Profile
Not matches set
Periodic task was scheduled
Profile merged, Profile merged manually, Profile merged on the fly
Profile viewed
Profile unmerged
Profile lost merged
Comment added, Comment updated
Potential Matches found

As explained earlier, this perspective displays the activities of a user in the tenant. By default, the most recent activities are displayed first. Each entry gives details about the change that was made and also contains a link to the activity. You can click on the link to view details of the activity. For example, for a profile created activity, you can view the profile details by clicking the profile name.

You can specify the number of activities you want to view in the facet, which can be 10, 25, 50, or 100. Based on the number of activities displayed in the facet, there is also an option to navigate between pages and view more activities.

The following actions are also available in the Activity Log facet: