Accelerate the Value of Data

Get ready for Data Loader

Learn about the access, data, and platform requirements you need before you can begin to work with the Reltio Data Loader.

Before you can start using the Data Loader, you need to understand what you need beforehand. You'll need things like access and permissions, supported data sources and file formats, and so on.

Assign access and permissions

You need certain access to use the different Data Loader functions. Here's the lowdown on access.

Access to How to gain access
Configure Data Loader

For permissions to configure the Data Loader itself, you need to be granted the global role ROLE_DATALOADER. This role gives you access to all required resources to work with the Data Loader API. Contact your Data Loader administrator for access.

For more information about Data Loader resources, see topic User Management.

Data Loader resources and operations For information about the required roles and permissions, see topic Roles and permissions.
Data source systems

For information about how to give Reltio access for uploading from your various data source systems, see topic Manage source system accounts.