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Data Loader API upload requirements

Learn about the API requirements for uploading different file types and sizes in the Reltio Data Loader.

The Data Loader API has different requirements for uploading different file formats. To learn about and access the Reltio Data Loader API, see topic: Reltio Swagger.

Important: We limit the number of records in a single file to a maximum of 10M records. The limitation applies to all supported formats. For files with large data amounts, we recommend that you split your load into batches with no greater than 1M records each.

Supported file formats and sizes

Follow the requirements for the data file format that you want to upload.
File format Requirements
CSV (comma-separated value)

File upload size maximum = 50 MB.

For the CSV general requirements specification, see RFC 4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files.


File size limit allocation = 33 GB.

File size upload maximum = 50 MB.

File size limit allocation = 50 GB.
Note: The allocation remains the same regardless of the location that you’re uploading from (local file system or remote storage).

For information about other Data Loader requirements, see topic Get ready for Data Loader.