Accelerate the Value of Data

Integration Hub

Reltio Integration Hub (RIH) is a well-designed, deeply-analyzed solution to the business challenges of managing point-to-point connectors, siloed data sources, and lengthy integration projects.

It provides a no-code, low-code integration capability through the Reltio connected data platform.


Use RIH to build and operate automated end-to-end integration flows, create AI and machine learning-powered orchestration to bring data into Reltio, enrich data and integrate Reltio mastered data with downstream applications and platforms.

As part of Reltio Integration Hub, you can access a large number of connectors to various systems, enabling fast and easy connectivity across platforms. Reltio Integration Hub has a user interface that enables monitoring and administration of integrations. Reltio Integration Hub enables you to create intelligent process automation recipes or pipelines. These recipes empower you to reduce manual tasks and increase predictability & reliability while saving costs.

Introduction to Reltio Integration Hub

To learn more about Reltio Integration Hub, watch the Reltio Integration Hub - An Introduction video.


  • Empowers everyone to build integrations
    • Enables IT and citizen developers with the same scalable, secure and enterprise-grade platform
    • Leverages user-friendly UI and dashboards to minimize complexity
  • Enables rapid deployments with low-code integrations
    • Easily connects Reltio with a variety of customer applications using best-of-breed, low-code integrations
    • Increases productivity by reducing the complexity of creating and managing integrations
  • Delivers fast, time-to-value with pre-built connectors
    • Accelerates integration projects and connects new data sources using a growing pool of ready-to-use app connectors and packaged integrations
    • Drastically reduces the delivery time
  • Unlocks new use cases and drives innovation
    • Ensures that self-service and reusable components drive innovation and offer unified, robust solutions
    • Enables self-service data integration options that open new use cases for data enrichment and orchestration


The Features of Reltio Integration Hub include:

  • Integration Orchestration - Connect and transform data across applications, move data around with high security, and, centralized monitoring and recipe management
  • No-code or Low-code Integration - Build integrations between Reltio and third-party applications using a no-code or low-code platform
  • Pre-built Connectors - Leverage rich selection of pre-built integrations to speed time-to-value
  • Intuitive User Interface - Intuitive UI with drag-and-drop mapping and user-friendly dashboards
  • Security - End-to-end encryption with key rotation, masking, and retention settings

Use Cases for Reltio Integration Hub

The use cases for Reltio Integration Hub include:

  • Data Integration - Point-to-point integration with bulk load, bulk extraction of records, as well as real-time synchronization
  • Application Integration and data enrichment
    • Data from disparate systems and applications, including data from behind the firewalls also can be made available in Reltio for all the relevant stakeholders
    • Move data in a smaller volume
  • Event stream ingestion and delivery - High-performing web and mobile apps require real-time exchange of information to enable secure and reliable bi-directional data exchange to mobile and web apps, IoT devices, and backend systems
  • Multicloud data sync - For example, achieve complete customer views in a multicloud environment with sync of customer data across related customer-oriented applications