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Meet the Reltio Connected Data Platform for managing your data

Start getting more out of your valuable data with the Reltio Connected Data Platform. Our first-of-its-kind, cloud-native platform synthesizes multi-source, complex data into a single source of trusted information. Agile enough to fit any company's needs, our solution can flex at will for accelerated data value creation and ongoing effectiveness.

We unify complex data across the enterprise to bring you:
  • Single version of the truth

  • Trusted, high-quality data

  • Near real-time, always on

  • Data you can have confidence in

Why the Reltio solution succeeds where others fall short

To start with, the Reltio Connected Data Platform solution brings you a solution so near real-time, its immediacy is surprising. This unique difference provides you with rich, streamlined access to your data.

But that’s not all…

We deliver benefits our competitors cannot match:
  • Real-time performance

  • Time to value

  • Business agility

  • Trusted insight-ready data

No scaling bottlenecks or roadblocks

Reltio Connected Data Platform supports your customer profiles–up to billions of them–and enriches them with thousands of attributes, relationships, transactions, and interactions from hundreds of data sources, yours and externally sourced. The Reltio highly scalable real-time APIs integrate with your enterprise class, mission critical applications for always on operations.

And check out our Reltio Multidomain MDM

Reltio Connected Data Platform is built on a foundation of known Master Data Management (MDM) technologies. But the Reltio Multidomain MDM solution brings you a more modernized version of MDM, modern data management. Modem MDM uses the newest technologies to bring you an enhanced and more comprehensive experience. Reltio brings you:
  • Enriched graph technology – Uncover and visualize the value of the relations in your data points.

  • Machine learning – Discover deeper data insights and improve data quality.

  • Built-in workflow management system – Simplify compliance requirements and improve data stewardship productivity.

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To learn more, see Get to know the Reltio Information Model .