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Reltio Release Process and Schedule

Learn about Reltio's preview and release process that helps to achieve seamless and disruption-free releases.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is an industry-leading platform for managing connected entity data, driving hyper-personalization, and simplifying compliance. Reltio is the foundational data platform for mission-critical applications for companies worldwide. As a cloud-native solution, Reltio delivers continuous innovation to customers without the burden of managing the infrastructure and software version upgrades.

Major releases

Reltio is committed to delivering innovative functionality with predictable results that empower you, our customers, through an agile release process to meet the demands of today’s challenges and opportunities. Every release is configurable and of high quality. Moreover, our releases are disruption-free, with no ‘big bang’, no heavy effort, and no surprises..

Reltio has three major releases a year in February, June, and October. In these releases, we introduce new General Availability (GA) and Early Access (EA) features and major enhancements.

This table lists dates for our recent and upcoming major releases.

Table 1. Major release schedule
Release VersionDate of Preview ReleaseDate of General Availability Release

Preview features

We may provide a preview period for specified features before they are officially available in the major release GA:
  • Scope: Previews are for feature-level functionality.
  • Dates: The Preview period begins three weeks before the major GA release date. We'll communicate these dates to you in advance of the major release, so you can prepare for internal testing and provide feedback to Reltio for Preview features.
  • Tenants: We enable development tenants with the specified new features and enhancements during the Preview period. We enable Test and Production environments for all new features and enhancements for the GA release.
  • Contents: We'll hold a Release Overview webinar prior to a release, to describe the new features and enhanced functionality we're introducing.

To determine if Preview features are available on your development tenant, view the About box. This displays the current Reltio release version and provides a link to the major release notes, which identify Preview features you can try out on your Development tenant.

Early Access (EA) features

We release some features only to a select set of interested customers and partners who commit to participating in a program where they deploy and adopt a new feature and provide feedback. Such features meet specific success criteria before they get formally included as General Availability (GA) features in a major release. The Early Access program enables us to get early feedback from customers, so we can improve the feature functionality, documentation, and logistics such as pricing, infrastructure requirements, and scaling parameters.

The documentation identifies features in the Early Access program. If you see an EA feature that sparks your interest, open a support ticket requesting access to the EA program.

Deprecated features

We periodically deprecate older products, features, and services. In certain cases, we replace them with new and improved products. We let you know well in advance when we intend to discontinue or make backward incompatible changes to our products, features, and functionality.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate those identified services, versions, and features without these changes for at least one year after that announcement, unless (as Reltio determines in its reasonable good faith judgment):
  • required by law or third-party relationship (including if there is a change in applicable law or relationship)


  • doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden

Find out about features we plan to deprecate in topic Say farewell to departing features.

Weekly releases

To ensure disruption-free releases bringing innovations faster to customers, we deliver weekly releases that include enhancements as well as required fixes. Weekly releases deliver value faster and more transparently by incorporating smaller changes with consistent quality.

While we deliver these releases weekly, you are in control of what you enable:
  • Learn about new features and fixes in the Release Notes we publish with each weekly release.
  • Choose which features or enhancements, such as configurable functionality or backward-compatible API changes, you want to enable at your convenience.

Deployment process

To optimize your experience with our weekly releases, we use a 3-stage deployment process. We deploy to all Development environments in stage 1, to all Test environments in stage 2, and to all Production environments in stage 3.
StageTenant typeWhen
1Development (DEV)Fridays, from 8 am to 10 am (GMT+1).
2Test (TST) Mondays, from 8 am to 10 am (GMT+1).
3Production (PRD)Mondays, from 1 pm to 3pm (GMT+1).