Accelerate the Value of Data

Recalculate Surrogate Crosswalks

Recalculates surrogate crosswalks for entities in a tenant.


Admin role is required:

POST {ApplicationURL}/recalculateSurrogateCrosswalkValues

Tenant admin role is required:

POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/recalculateSurrogateCrosswalkValues
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Required Description
Headers Authorization Yes Information about authentication access token in format "Bearer <accessToken>". For more information, see Authentication API.
Query tenantId Yes The tenant ID.
entityType No If provided, restricts reindexing to a specific entity type.
distributed No If set to true, the task runs in distributed mode. For more information, see Distributed Mode. Default value is false.
taskPartsCount No Number of tasks which are created for distributed reindexing. Each task reindexes its own part of objects, and all of them may be executed on different API nodes in parallel. Recommended value: count of API nodes which can execute the tasks. Default value is 2.
Note: This parameter is used only in distributed mode (distributed=true); otherwise, it is ignored.

Body (optional)

JSON Array of entity URI to be checked.