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Naming an Export Job

Provides the ability to set a custom name for an Export job.

This functionality provides the ability to set a custom name for an Export job. In order to set a custom name for an Export job, a requester should pass the name parameter through query parameters of an Export request. After that, the name of the Export task can be obtained through the name field, as shown in this example:

        "id": "827d2734-3111-475e-bc29-11dee2a1e322",
        "createdTime": 1503394400749,
        "createdBy": "",
        "updatedTime": 1503394400749,
        "updatedBy": "",
        "type": "com.reltio.spark.driver.export.local.cassandra.RelationsCassandraExportTask",
        "status": "COMPLETED",
        "name": "My custom name #1"

All white spaces from the beginning and end of the name parameter are trimmed.

Note: The maximum length of the name parameter is 140 characters, and this parameter cannot start or end with non-alphanumeric characters.

Here is a list of Export endpoints which support setting of a custom name:

  • POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/entities
  • POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/relations
  • POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/entities/_crosswalksTree
  • POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/activities

In the case a requester doesn't pass the name parameter for an Export job, the Export Service automatically generates a name for the Export job.

Usage Example

  1. Start a new Export job with a custom name.


    POST /export/Merill/entities?name=custom-name-entities&filter=equals(type, 'configuration/entityTypes/HCO')


    { }


        "exportType": "ENTITIES",
        "status": "scheduled",
        "details": "Export job has been scheduled. Result will be sent to your email:",
        "taskIds": [
  2. Get the Export task by the id.


    GET /tasks/41ea9d7d-8999-4c2e-9752-4b8063e08373


        "id": "41ea9d7d-8999-4c2e-9752-4b8063e08373",
        "createdTime": 1510573275489,
        "createdBy": "",
        "updatedTime": 1510573275489,
        "updatedBy": "",
        "type": "com.reltio.spark.driver.export.local.cassandra.EntitiesCassandraExportTask",
        "status": "PROCESSING",
        "name": "custom-name-entities",
        "createdOnHost": "localhost",
        "executedOnHost": "localhost",
        "parallelExecution": false,
        "nodesGroup": "default",
        "startTime": "11-13-2017 11.41",
        "parameters": {
            "fileFormat": "CSV",
            "username": "test",
            "mailAddress": "",
            "exportPath": "/entities/test/2017/13-Nov-2017",
            "tenantId": "Merill",
            "userRoles": "ROLE_ADMIN",
            "queryParams": "{\"filter\":\"equals(type, 'configuration/entityTypes/HCO')\"}",
            "ovOnly": "true",
            "exploded": "false",
            "taskId": "merill_16-41_entities_1",
            "exportVotes": "false",
            "exportName": "merill_16-41_entities",
            "useEsHeadersCollectionExport": "false",
            "includeType": "[\"configuration/entityTypes/Organization\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Location\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Images\",\"configuration/entityTypes/HCO\",\"configuration/entityTypes/HCP\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Character\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Contact\",\"configuration/entityTypes/POrganization\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Individual\",\"configuration/entityTypes/Party\"]",
            "dateFormat": "TIMESTAMP",
            "encryptUrl": "true"
        "currentState": {
            "statusId": 0,
            "numberOfProcessedObjects": 0,
            "numberOfFailedToPublishEvents": 0,
            "status": "Not started yet..."
        "throughput": 0,
        "duration": "5m 30s"