Accelerate the Value of Data

Get Jobs List

You can get the jobs list for the tenant started on the same connector instance.

The jobs are ordered by the timestamp of jobs created in descending order in groups by job status.


GET {DnBConnectorUri}/batch
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Required Description
Headers Content-Type Yes

Must be "Content-Type: application/json"

EnvironmentUrl Yes Environment URL of the tenant.

For example:

Authorization No Access Token in format "Bearer <accessToken>" (see details in Authentication API)
Note: Required parameter if you do not specify Reltio-User and Reltio-Password.
TenantId Yes Tenant Id: data is extracted from this tenant. Value: {{tenantID}}.
Reltio-User No Reltio login
Note: Required parameter if Authorization is not specified.
Reltio-Password No Reltio password
Note: Required parameter if Authorization is not specified.
Query limit No The number of jobs in response.

The default value is 10.

activeOnly No If true only active jobs (SCHEDULED, IDLE and PROCESSING jobs) are displayed.

The default value is false.


Request: Get jobs

Response: Jobs list
        "identifier": 5676830073815040,
        "status": "FAILED",
        "createdDate": 1550483013000,
        "updatedDate": 1550483117000
        "identifier": 5717271485874176,
        "status": "COMPLETED",
        "createdDate": 1550475615000,
        "updatedDate": 1550475945000
        "identifier": 5639274879778816,
        "status": "FAILED",
        "createdDate": 1550475575000,
        "updatedDate": 1550475582000