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Batch APIs

Learn more about using the D&B Connector Batch APIs to match and enrich bulk accounts.

You can use the Reltio D&B Connector Batch API to match and enrich multiple accounts through a batch job. You can schedule a batch job to run at intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The job runs both matching and D&B batch enrichment APIs on the selected account records at the same time.

The Reltio D&B Connector runs the batch API according to the D&B product you are using:
Direct 2.0
The D&B Connector places files in the ​ puts​ directory of the D&B FTP site and receives responses in the gets directory. The D&B Connector appends the enrichment data in the response file to the records in the Reltio account profiles.
Direct+ API
The D&B Connector collects a set of account profiles, creates a job in D&B, and uploads account profiles to the job. When the job completes, the connector appends the enrichment data received from the job to the records in the Reltio account profiles. For more information, see the Identify | Multi-Process Guide in the D&B Direct+ Documentation.
Use the following Batch APIs to enrich bulk accounts:

For more information about the fields that are enriched with D&B data in the Reltio account profile, see Mapping.