Accelerate the Value of Data

Dependent Lookups

Reltio Connected Cloud supports dependent lookups when one attribute value drives the values of another attribute.

Consider a case when you have data which is driven by other data - for example, a list of states/regions/cities depends on the country.

Special features of dependent lookups:

  • One dependent lookup value can belong to multiple dependent values - for example, MD (specialty - medical doctor) exists in multiple countries. Some specialties can be in multiple countries, while other specialties can belong only to one country.

  • There can be multiple level dependent lookups over a sequence of dependent lookups when one lookup drives another one, then another - for example, Continent > Country > State > County > City.

  • Simple, nested and reference attribute elements can be driven by simple attributes.

Users can work with dependent and non - dependent lookups in Edit mode. Users cannot edit a dependent lookup value that does not have an attribute value for the attribute on which it depends. Upon saving a profile, the system performs validation of dependent lookup values: if a dependent lookup is not filled, it will be highlighted on the page with a corresponding message, as shown here: