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Working With System Roles

Reltio provides several out-of-the-box System roles that allow you to access multiple services and resources.

There are different ways to look at each of the System roles depending upon your requirements. To look at the entire list of system roles, see Exploring all System Roles.

You may want to look at the system roles provided by each service. For example, you may consider that System role A provides access to a, b and c resources in Service X. To check these details, check the System Roles - Service topics. For example: Authorization service system roles. At the same time, some system roles contain privileges from multiple services. Therefore, if you want to consider the possible privileges irrespective of the service for a system role, you must check the System Role - across all Services topic. For example: Tenant Administrator Role Across all Services.

The Permissions Matrix provides the information with regard to Service, Resources/Sub-resources, and the Privileges for each system role. Reltio provides this level of detail to help you make the right decisions regarding providing access to your users with the System roles. Click the following links to view the relevant details: