Revalidation Task to Evaluate Data Validation Functions

The revalidate task creates a periodic, scheduled task that runs in the background to evaluate entity data against data validation function(s).

This task triggers validation on all the entities for which the Reltio/DVFAction LCA is configured.
Note: The revalidate task triggers validation on the existing data of the tenant and also on newly loaded data. After defining the validation functions for the newly loaded data, trigger the revalidate task to reevaluate validation functions.

The table below lists the details of scenarios when the revalidation task API is executed.

Table 1. Scenarios to Use the Revalidation Task
Scenario API Details
Executed for all data wherein data validation function is configured API URL: POST {{api_uri}}/{{tenant}}/revalidate
Executed for the specific entity type API URL: POST {{api_uri}}/{{tenant}}/revalidate?entityType=HCP
Executed only for specific entries API URL: POST {{api_uri}}/{{tenant}}/revalidate?entityType=HCP
Request Body
Executed with other advanced parameters The following additional parameters are used for this scenario:
  • distributed=true - The default value is false.
  • taskPartsCount=3 - The default value is 2.

Getting the Task status

This Get Task Status API retrieves the revalidation task status.

Request - GET {{api_uri}}/reltio/tasks/{{task_id}}

Sample Response
  "id": "20c9ab19-4e6d-411f-874d-b6de8ad99a12",
  "groupId": "ec9b64f3-2313-4c0c-8564-0e45918bcb1f",
  "createdTime": 1652469927757,
  "createdBy": "",
  "updatedTime": 1652469927757,
  "updatedBy": "",
  "type": "com.reltio.businesslogic.tasks.revalidate.ReValidateDataTask",
  "status": "COMPLETED",
  "name": "Re-Validation of configuration/entityTypes/Contact in tenant XYZ background task. (started by",
  "createdOnHost": "api-769c75bf9-pl2r5",
  "executedOnHost": "dataprocess-6954dff676-xgg2b",
  "parallelExecution": false,
  "nodesGroup": "default",
  "startTime": 1652469937382,
  "endTime": 1652469957481,
  "parameters": {
    "tenantId": "XYZ",
    "entityType": "Contact",
    "updatedSince": "0",
    "uriList": ""
  "currentState": {
    "numberOfSkippedObjectsWithError": 0,
    "entityType": "configuration/entityTypes/Contact",
    "lastExecutionEC2Instances": "i-0f54d1fb1510af7fe",
    "numberOfDVFFailureObjects": 7,
    "numberOfFailedToPublishEvents": 0,
    "lastHourThroughput": 0,
    "numberOfProcessedObjects": 10,
    "numberOfDVFFailureActiveObjects": 7,
    "numberOfActiveObjectsProcessed": 9,
    "status": "Completed"
  "throughput": 0.5,
  "duration": "20s"
The following table explains the fields in the response:
Table 2. Fields in the revalidate response
Field Description
entityType If provided, restricts cleansing to a specific entity type. The specified entity type is checked and cleansed.
Note: If nothing is specified all entity types are checked.
numberOfDVFFailureObjects Displays the count of objects (including end-dated objects) with DVF failures.
numberOfFailedToPublishEvents Displays the total count of events that were not published.
lastHourThroughput Displays the number of objects processed by the task in last 1 hour.
numberOfProcessedObjects Displays the total count of objects (including end-dated objects) that are processed by the Revalidate task.
numberOfDVFFailureActiveObjects Displays the count of active objects (excluding end-dated objects) with DVF failures.
numberOfActiveObjectsProcessed Displays the count of total active objects (excluding end-dated objects) processed by the Revalidate task.
status Displays the current status of task.