Enabling Single Attribute View Facet to Display Warning Messages

Single Attribute View facet must be enabled to display the data validation warnings.

The validation logic is executed against the entity data and the warning messages are added into entity objects as analytical attributes. A Single Attribute View facet is needed to display the WARNING messages for the analytical attributes. To configure Single Attribute View facet for the analytical attributes, reach out to the Support Team or configure the analytical attributes in the Single Attribute View facet using the UI Modeler.

Configuring the Single Attribute View Facet through UI Modeler

You can configure the Single Attribute View facet in the UI Modeler by performing the following steps:

  1. Log into the Console and select the UI Modeler application.
  2. In PROFILE PAGES, select the entity type for which you want to add validation warnings.
  3. Drag and drop the Single Attribute View widget from the LIBRARIES tab, to the perspective area.
  4. Click the Single Attribute View widget and add the following values:
    • Enter Data Validation Warning(s) in the Caption field.
    • Enter 15 in the Max shown field.
    • Enter No Validation Warning(s) in the Empty text field.
    • Enter Attribute Validations in the Attribute Name field.
  5. Click PUBLISH. The changes for the configured Single Attribute View facet are saved and published.