DQ Configuration

The Data Quality Configuration allows you to configure Data Quality parameters for entity types and attributes in your tenant.

On this page, you can specify the important entity types and their attributes, and the Data Quality (DQ) metrics that must be used for calculation.

Note that the Data Quality metrics are defined by the following properties:

  • Completeness
  • Recency

These properties define the Data Quality Score and Rank that appear on the Dashboard.

Configuring Data Quality Metrics

The Data Quality Score and Rank of entities are modified based on the configured metrics. You can configure the Completeness metrics, but cannot modify the Recency metrics. Recency uses the entity's last update date.

To configure Data Quality metrics, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Data Quality page, click from the left menu.
  2. Select the entity type(s) that you want to configure.

  3. For every entity type, select attributes and rank their importance. You can define importance for both simple and nested attributes. To do so, perform the following steps:
    1. Click a particular entity type.
    2. Define Completeness and Recency. By default, both completeness and recency are given equal weightage that together makes up 100%. You can modify the weightage by clicking the respective stars.

    3. Completeness is defined by a set of attributes. To choose the attributes, click .
    4. Define the importance of simple and nested attributes. For nested attributes, define importance for both the parent and sub-attributes.
    5. Save the changes. A message appears prompting that the configuration was successful.
  4. Navigate to the Dashboard and click . The Data Quality Score and Rank of the entities are modified based on the configured parameters.

Saving Data Quality Configuration After Changing the Metadata Configuration

Assume that you configured two entity types in DQ Configuration, namely entityType A and entityType B and later decided to delete one of them (entityType A) from the metadata configuration. After the changes were made from the metadata configuration, if you tried syncing those changes into the Data Quality Configuration, an error message notified that the Data Quality Configuration cannot be updated.

With an improvement made to tackle this situation, the following error message appears displaying the complete list of invalid entity types and attributes, and the FIX IT button:

The DQ configuration is invalid. Click FIX IT to sync it with the metadata configuration and remove the entity/attribute types that no longer exist.

When you click FIX IT, it removes all the inconsistencies in the Data Quality Configuration that were listed in the error message. After this, you can make further changes to the configuration. Once the changes are made, ensure to click SAVE.

The following message appears at the bottom of the page reminding you to save the changes:

Configuration was fixed. Remember to save the changes.