Select an attribute type

Learn how to select an attribute in the Real-Time Data Quality dashboard.

You can find information about attributes whose data quality you want to examine in the Real-Time Data Quality dashboard. For more information, see topic Understanding the Reltio Attribute Type.

If you’re a Data Analyst, Data Steward, or Business User, this information is for you! Search and filter for the desired attribute.

  1. Open the Attribute panel in the Real-Time Data Quality dashboard.
    1. From the left navigation menu in the Reltio Hub, select Dashboard.
    2. In the Dashboard tab, select Data quality.
    3. In the Entity type bar, select the desired entity from the dropdown.
  2. Search or filter attributes:
    • In the Attributes panel, search for attributes:
      1. In the search field, type the name of the attribute you want to search for.

      2. From the list of suggested results that are displayed as you type the name of the attributes, select the desired attribute.

      Note: Get a glimpse of the fill rate of the attribute in the colored horizontal bar below the name of the attribute. For more information, see Fill rate DQ chart

    • Filter attributes to display only those of interest:
      1. Click the Filter icon in the top right of the panel.

      2. Select one or more filters and click APPLY:
        • Has validation functions: Displays attributes associated with validation functions.
        • Included in match rule: Displays attributes that are included in a match rule.
        • RDM: Displays attributes that are configured to use RDM.
        • Reference attribute: Displays attributes associated with reference data attributes from other sources.
        • Required: Displays attributes that are mandatory.
        • Show attributes with no data: Displays attributes having no data.
      3. Select the Show attributes with no data filter if you want to see information about attributes having no data.
      4. From the displayed list of attributes matching the filter conditions, select the desired attribute.
    Values for the selected attributes are displayed in charts. For more information, see Real-Time Data Quality dashboard charts.