Consolidation rate chart

Learn about the data in the Consolidation rate chart in the DQ dashboard.

You monitor the quality of data in your Reltio tenant in the Real-Time Data Quality (DQ) Dashboard. After selecting an entity type and attributes in the DQ dashboard, you can analyze the tenant-level aggregate information about the source systems of your data in this Consolidation rate chart. For more details, see Real-Time Data Quality dashboard charts and Analyze the charts.

Figure: Consolidation rate DQ chart

If you’re a Data Analyst, Data Steward, or Business User, this information is for you! Use the metrics in this chart to identify where you may need to define specific attributes in profiles.

Data definition

This chart provides the following metrics.
Data label Data definition
Consolidation rate Consolidation rate is a percentage and is the ratio of total number of source profiles to Reltio profiles after removing duplicates. A vertical chart, a table and a horizontal bar chart displays information about the different sources of data to the entity. Consolidation rate helps you understand data reduction after matching.
Tip: Hover your mouse pointer over the charts to display a tooltip with actual (rather than rounded) counts.

Chart drill downs

When you drill down to the metrics in this chart, you can admire a list of profiles that contain exact source system data for this attribute in the Advanced search. For more information, see Exploring the Advanced Search.

Data analysis scenarios

So, armed with these amazing metrics, what can you deduce about your data completeness?

No data

You can view at a glance when there are no profiles with values in the selected attribute type. If the fill rate bar is completely orange, Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Drill down to the list of profiles missing attributes and start herding sheep.

All good data

You can view at a glance when the selected entity contains profiles. You’re good to go! Feel free to drill down to the list of profiles and gloat over your efficiency.