Attribute summary level DQ chart

Learn about the data in the Attribute summary chart in the DQ Dashboard.

The Real-Time Data Quality (DQ) Dashboard enables you to monitor the quality of data in your Reltio tenant. After selecting an entity and attributes in the DQ Dashboard, you can analyze information about the selected attribute type. For more information, see Real-Time Data Quality dashboard charts and Analyze the charts.

Figure: Attribute summary DQ chart

If you’re a Data Analyst, Data Steward, or Business User, this information is for you! Use the metrics in this chart to identify where you may need to define specific attributes in profiles.

Data definition

This chart provides the following metrics:
Data label Data definition
Chart title Name of the selected attribute.
Profiles The number of profiles containing the selected attribute.
Tip: Hover your mouse pointer over the profile number in the chart to display a tooltip with actual (rather than rounded) counts.
Data type The type of data value that the attribute can have. For example:
  • String
  • Integer
  • Date
  • Number
Attribute property The different business logic that the attribute is associated with
  • Included in match rule
  • Has validation functions
  • Required
  • Reference attribute
  • RDM

Data analysis scenarios

So, armed with these amazing metrics, what can you deduce about your data completeness?

No data

You can view at a glance when there are no profiles with values in the selected attribute type.

All good data

You can view at a glance when the selected attribute contains profiles.

Required property with no profiles

You can view at a glance when the selected attribute has a Required property associated with it but has no value associated with it.