Learn about the key features and benefits of the Data Quality solution.

Key Features

The key features of the Data Quality solution include:

  • Data quality scoring and importance ranking - this is governed by the following two factors:
    • Rank - is calculated using Reltio's proprietary algorithm. This helps in measuring the relative importance of a profile.
    • DQ Score - is dynamically scored using out-of-the-box rules that you can update as required. Data Quality (DQ) scores are calculated based on the profile completeness and recency.
  • Scores can be made searchable. It can be added to the MDM UI in the Profile facet and/or the search screen. For more information about configuring the Profile facet, see Configuring the Profile Band. To view the Data Quality Score and Rank in the search as shown below, reach out to Reltio's Customer Support Team.

  • User experience
    • Unified experience directly impacting your ability to review, prioritize, and act on the impacted profiles
    • Out-of-the-box dashboard, filters, rules, and metrics based on industry standards
  • Dashboards in Reltio Console for Profile, Entity Type(s), and Tenants:
    • Highlight the problem areas that need attention
    • Help you track the quality of data in their tenant over a period of time
    • Allow you to navigate from Reltio Console to the corresponding profile and take appropriate action on the problematic records
    • Provide a summary of key data statistics at the tenant and entity type levels


The Data Quality solution comes with the following benefits:

  • Improved ability to quickly identify high-value profiles. Wherein, fixing data quality issues can deliver maximum value in the shortest amount of time.
  • Ability to understand how the quality of data in your tenant is impacted by your operations (for example, updates from sources, data entry mistakes, or stagnant data).
  • Ability to view the effectiveness of your data quality improvement efforts over time.