On Demand Process

Organization data matching using On Demand process is available through the Get Match API of D&B Connector.

The Get Match API can be triggered by a user through the Reltio organization profile UI. The Get Match process can return one or more potential matched records from D&B. A matched record displays a unique DUNS number of the account, Name as given by D&B, and Addresses.

To get D&B matching records for a single organization, click the Get Match button on the Profile page of the Account 360 Application. The D&B matches will be listed.

If an exact match is found with a high confidence code, then the match will automatically be retrieved and merged with the organization profile.

Matching is based on the confidence code (match score) with the following work flow:
  • Active organizations with a confidence code between 5 to 8 are flagged as potential matches.
  • Multiple active organizations with a confidence code of 9 or 10 are flagged as potential matches.
  • Single active organization with a confidence code of 9 or 10 is automatically merged.
  • If the organization has a confidence code lesser than 5, then the match is ignored.
  • Organizations' records that have a status of Active are considered for auto-merging.

The following organization attributes are updated during the merge process:

D&B Match Detail Label Descriptions
Name Organization name used for D&B match.
entityURI A unique identifier provided by Reltio for every account.
Address All addresses returned by the Get Match request are displayed here.

Auto Match Flag

Part of match rule for auto merge potential matches from DT to CT through the DTSS service.
Suspected Match Flag Part of suspect match rule for potential matches from DT to CT through the DTSS service
Vendor Verification Status Options are Match or Match Error. If the match process executes successfully and matching records are found in D&B, the flag is changed to a value of Match. However, if an error occurs during the match process, this value is changed to Match Error.
DUNS Number Unique identifier assigned by D&B to this profile.
Organization Detail Contains details about the organization status. If the organization is active, the default attributes Member Role, Standalone, Operation status and Boneyard Organization are displayed.
Match Quality Confidence code which represents the confidence level of the data from D&B.
Vendor Verification Date The last date when a D&B Match or Enrichment request was made by Account 360 application. This date value in tandem with the Vendor Verification Status can be used to determine when a D&B operation was performed on a profile in Reltio.

The entity with the DUNS number is now ready for further enrichment using the Get Company Details API.