Hierarchies and Relationships

With D&B integration, D&B hierarchy of companies is created in Account 360.

The data enrichment automatically creates a hierarchical relationship between the target account (being enriched), it’s parent, and branch D&B organizations (D&B calls this hierarchy as Corporate Linkage).

You can view the hierarchy in the D&B hierarchy facet for every profile where the D&B enriched data exists.

As part of the data enrichment, each organization entity carries up to four DUNS numbers to link its corporate relationships.
  • Site DUNS Number: The DUNS number that represents that specific entity.
  • Parent or Headquarter DUNS: The DUNS number that represents the immediate entity above the site or the headquarters of the organization.
  • Domestic Ultimate DUNS: The DUNS number that represents the highest member of the tree within the same country as the site DUNS as you walk up that arm of the tree.
  • Global Ultimate DUNS: The DUNS number that represents the highest member of the entire family tree.
With D&B Direct+ API, you can also use the Upward Account Hierarchy feature as a On Demand API call. You can request all parent organizations (all organizations from the current organization to its global ultimate) for the current organization being enriched.
Note: The D&B Upward hierarchy feature is available in On Demand mode and you will need a separate license from D&B for consuming upward account hierarchy D&B API. It uses the LNK_UPF product from D&B.