Match and Append Process

Match and Append process is an initial process of matching and enriching the account data in a batch mode.

Match and append process is executed for organizations which do not have a DUNS number assigned.


In order to select profiles for match and append, find all qualified profiles that have DUNS number missing and Vendor verification date empty. Following data is used in D&B for match and append:
  • Entity Type
  • Organization Name
  • Primary Address (with Address Line 1, Address Type, Primary Indicator, State and Country with ISO 3166-2)
  • P.O. Box Number
  • Phone Number
Note: Set the Do Not Enrich attribute to true before submitting the batch process if you do not want an organization profile to go through the match and append process.


After the match and append process, an organization that gets enriched with D&B data has the Vendor Verification Status and Vendor Verification Date updated. The process results in the following updates to the account profile in Reltio:
  • Organization name
  • DUNS number that can further be used for the D&B recertification process
  • Address of the D&B Global Ultimate, Domestic Ultimate and HQ (headquarter)/Parent companies.
  • Match metadata that describes the quality of the matched data and how the match has been made. For more information, see Account 360 Data Model.
  • Append data that is the actual data updated with the latest D&B data. For more information, see Account 360 Data Model.
  • Organization's D&B hierarchy by creating the shell organizations.