Batch Process

D&B connector enables you to run the account enrichment process for a selected set of organization profiles at a set frequency using the batch mode.

You can start the batch mode API by providing the filter criteria for identifying the entities for which the enrichment is to be done. The set of identified entities are then sent to D&B. D&B processes the records in one of the following ways:
  1. Organization profiles that do not have a DUNS number, go through the Match and Append process. For each input record, D&B identifies the single most likely match. The response for each record, if a match is found, is the same as for On Demand API.
  2. Organization profiles that have a DUNS number, go for Recertification process to enrich the profiles with latest information. The Recertification process ensures organizations’ DUNS records represent current DUNS numbers and associated company information.

Note: If you don’t want a profile to be matched, or recertified, the attribute Do Not Enrich should be set before the batch process is submitted.

Depending on whether you are using Direct 2.0 or Direct+, D&B Connector runs the batch API as follows:

  • Direct 2.0: Connector places files to D&B FTP site to puts directory and receives responses in gets directory. Once the responses are available, the D&B connector updates the entities with enriched data.
  • Direct+: In this case the connector collects a bunch of requests, creates a job in D&B, uploads data to the job and downloads the result when the job is finished. More about Direct+ API available in the D&B documentation.