D&B Connector

Reltio cloud platform provides an out-of-the-box integration with the industry-leading business data provider Dun & Bradstreet.

Reltio D&B Connector helps you to learn more about your customers’ firmographics, offers relevant insights to improve customer engagement, and enables cross-sell to broader customer organizations.

The Reltio D&B Connector is an optional component of the Account 360 application. The connector helps in appending the Reltio Organization entities with the latest D&B data by integrating the Account 360 application with D&B. Using the Reltio D&B Connector you can:

Perform Matching

Discover matching records from D&B and either merge the best possible matched record with your account profile automatically, or review and merge the matched record with your account profile when multiple matches are found.

Enrich Profiles

Enrich organization data with D&B data at a click of a button, by using real-time web services or a batch integration process. The enrichment process gathers further information about the organization such as business name, address, fax, phone, and trade style. It also includes account data about executive names and titles, financials, number of employees, industry codes, import or export code, branch indicator, corporate linkages, and so on.

Create Hierarchies and Relationships

Create the corporate linkage during the enrichment process, along with creating a D&B upward family linkage which can be optionally brought in, constructed automatically during the account enrichment process, and visualized as a parent/child hierarchy.