Monitor D&B connector

Learn how to get notifications using D&B monitoring.

The Monitoring feature enables you to receive notifications whenever there are changes to the content contained in specific data products or attribute values for the DUNS Number in the registration. You can receive updates on an intra-day, daily, weekly, or monthly frequency using D&B monitoring. The Reltio D&B connector provides the capability to read these notifications and update the entities through an automated job. For more information, see Monitoring APIs.

D&B monitoring includes the following process steps:

  • Registration - Represents a request to monitor a set of DUNS numbers and other details. For example, D&B Direct+ product, version, and the frequency to receive notifications, how the notifications are delivered, and an option to process seed data.
  • Seed data - Includes an optional step to process the seed file to update the baseline data for all DUNS to be monitored.
  • Updating the notification - Includes the regular notifications that are delivered to the S3 bucket at a specified frequency in the registration and a batch job that updates the profile in Reltio.


D&B Monitoring requires another entitlements to be enabled for your D&B Direct+ license. You can contact your Dun & Bradstreet representative to get the additional entitlements.


D&B monitoring registration represents a request to monitor a set of DUNS numbers against the D&B Direct+ Data Product you use. It also includes details on how notifications are to be delivered and other information necessary for monitoring.

To register for D&B monitoring, you’ll need to work directly with your Dun & Bradstreet representative. You can create a support ticket with D&B. For more information, see Create Monitoring Registration.

A monitoring registration must be created for each tenant, the D&B Direct+ product, and the version used in the D&B connector for that tenant. You’ll need to provide the following details for creating the registration:
  • Initial set of DUNS that you want to monitor for changes against the specific D&B product.
  • How frequently you wish to receive the notifications

D&B connector provides the following options to create the monitoring registration:

Parameter Description Enabled Options
D&B Direct+ Product Product ID provided by Dun & Bradstreet that is configured in the D&B Connector enrichment APIs. Only one product can be included in a registration. The product can’t be changed once the registration is created. CMPELF, CMPELK
Product version (version ID) The version ID (for example, v1) that identifies the product version to be used for this registration. Only one version can be included in a registration. The version can’t be changed once the registration is created. V1, V2
List of DUNS (LOD) Indicates that the registration is for List of DUNS Numbers. A file containing the list of D-U-N-S numbers (one per line) to be included in the registration must be provided. Supported file types:
  • TXT
  • ZIP
Notification Frequency (delivery Frequency) Indicates how often notifications will be delivered. Valid values are as follows:
  • INTRA_DAY: Dun & Bradstreet will send notifications as many times as the D&B pipeline runs in a 24-hour period.
  • DAILY: Dun & Bradstreet system processes notifications shortly after midnight Coordinated Universal Time (Coordinated Universal Time).
  • WEEKLY: Dun & Bradstreet system processes notifications shortly after midnight Coordinated Universal Time each Sunday.
  • MONTHLY: Dun & Bradstreet system processes notifications shortly after midnight Coordinated Universal Time on the first of each month.
Recommended Option: Daily, Weekly
Delivery Trigger Indicates how notifications will be delivered.

PUSH notifications will be sent using the file.

Notification Type Indicates the level of detail each change notification will include for any D-U-N-S number that has changed.

FULL_PRODUCT: The full details are included in the notification for each DUNS number that has changed. This is equivalent to a seed for the DUNS number.

Destination Type The communications protocol used to transfer change notifications Amazon S3. S3
File Transfer Profile Specific location for file delivery.

S3 ARN path

S3 Encryption Key The key encrypts the files delivered to S3.
Note: The S3 Encryption Key is also known as the Key Management Service (KMS). The KMS is an AWS tool that manages encryption keys.
Email Addresses Email addresses for users to be notified regarding monitoring activities for this Registration.  
Note: The registration of DUNS for monitoring isn’t a finite list. You can register with an initial list of DUNS to be monitored or create it with an empty list. You can use the Reltio D&B Connector to add or modify the list of DUNS. Reltio D&B connector provides the capability to check, add, and remove another DUNS to the list of the DUNS being monitored.

Receiving the baseline data

You can optionally request for Baseline data (also known as seed file). The seed file contains the baseline data of the DUNS to be monitored. For more information, see Seed Delivery.

Updating the notification

After the registration is complete, regular updates are provided by Dun & Bradstreet to the destination (Amazon S3 bucket) and at the frequency specified in the registration. The updates include changes to the content of the DUNS being monitored. For more information, see Change Notifications.

D&B Connector provides a background job to process the monitoring of events or updates. The background jobs are to be scheduled at the frequency provided in the monitoring registration and will read the file provided by D&B and update the changes in the Reltio profile entities.

Contents of Notification Data File

A notification file can contain:
  • Status changes for DUNS Numbers
  • DUNS Number data changes as seed records
  • Seed records for DUNS Numbers added to the registration

For information on D&B Monitoring APIs, see Monitoring APIs.