Modes of Operation

D&B connector is used to import data from Dun & Bradstreet and can be accessed in On Demand or Batch mode.

D&B connector can be integrated with Direct+ APIs of D&B, in both On Demand and Batch modes.

On Demand Mode

The On Demand mode is used for enriching a single record in real-time, through the Reltio UI. The On Demand mode is a series of steps involving the Get Match record with a D&B database, followed by enriching the matched record with Get Company Details data. The Get upward account hierarchy step retrieves all parent organizations (all organizations to its global ultimate) from the current organization.

Batch Mode

The Reltio D&B Batch Connector is used for large volumes of data at infrequent intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. This process is run automatically using a batch interface which is scheduled at a frequency desired by the customer. The process helps in both matching and enriching the account record with D&B data at the same time.

Note: You need to purchase licenses for the Direct+ products directly from D&B to use the D&B Connector for integration with Reltio.