DnB Connector Mapping Elements

DnB connector mappings elements help you to separate mapping logic from the connector logic.

Reltio connectors work with Reltio entities only and mappings help you to transform any incoming JSON to Reltio entities. The mappings are used to convert raw input to a list of Reltio entities that the connectors upload.

The mapping converts inputs to list of Reltio entities. In some cases, the size of the list can be in the range of 1 up to 4.

The following Table1: DnB Hierarchy Position of Entity Elements explains the DnB hierarchy elements of all the Reltio entities by type.

Table 1. DnB Hierarchy Position for Entity Elements
Hierarchy Position Entity type Note
0 Global Ultimate
1 Domestic Ultimate
2 HQ In response, it can be any of these types, HQ or Parent.
4 Target