D&B Connector Error Codes

D&B connector error codes are those records that appear if the D&B connector is unable to process the organizations' records.

The following table lists all error codes with its description that can appear if the D&B connector is unable to process the organizations' records that were sent to D&B for match and append, or recertification.

Table 1. D&B Connector Error Codes with Description
Error Code Error Name/Vendor Code Error Message or Description Error Example
1 ZERO_DUNS Duns number is zero. InputOrganization.NO_MATCH
2 CONFIDENCE_CODE_LOW Confidence code less than minimal confidence code border. InputOrganization.CONF_CODE_LOW
3 OUT_OF_BUSINESS Organization is out of business state. InputOrganization.OUT_OF_BUSINESS
5 DUNS_MISMATCH DUNS number of an entity on tenant neither matches New DUNS Number nor Prior DUNS Number. InputOrganization.DUNS_MISMATCH
6 TARGET_URI_IS_NOT_MATCH Target organization has different URI on tenant in scanning by crosswalk value as DUNS number. InputOrganization.URI_MISMATCH
7 TARGET_URI_IS_NOT_EXIST Target organization does not exist on tenant. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
8 CREATE_ERROR Create organization failed. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
9 CREATE_URI_MISMATCH URI of created organization does not match source URI. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
10 REMOVE_RELATION_ERROR Unable to remove relation. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
11 CREATE_RELATION_ERROR Unable to create relation. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
12 INVALID_INPUT_STRUCTURE Structure of input data is incorrect. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
13 INTERNAL_ERROR Batch processor internal error occurred. InputOrganization.ENRICH_ERROR
Note: The D&B connector retries to reprocess the organizations records second time only if the error code for such records is 13 that is INTERNAL_ERROR.