Reltio NPI HCO Attributes

Learn about the attributes that help in obtaining healthcare organizations master data.

Reltio NPI HCO attributes help in obtaining healthcare organizations master data by mapping the data already available in the NPI data tenant with the HCO headers specified in the NPI source file and then transforming it.

Table 1. Reltio NPI HCO Attributes
Attribute Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Name Simple String Name
Addresses Nested Address Type String

Type of address

For example - Email, Business, Fax

Addresses Nested AddressLine1 String Address line 1
Addresses Nested AddressLine2 String Address line 2
Addresses Nested City String City
Addresses Nested StateProvince String State province
Addresses Nested Country String Country i.e. United States
Addresses Nested Zip5 String If Length=5, zip5= All 5 digits
Addresses Nested Zip4 String

If Length=9, zip5= First 5 digits & zip4=Last 4 digits

Phone Nested Type String

Type of Phone number

For example - Business, Fax, Email

Phone Nested Number String Phone number
Phone Nested Extension String Extension, if any
Phone Nested Rank Int Rank used to assign priority to a Phone number
Phone Nested CountryCode String Two digit code for a Country
Phone Nested AreaCode String Area Code
Phone Nested LocalNumber String Number without Area Code
Phone Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status denoting whether the number is valid or not
Phone Nested LineType String

Line Type


Phone Nested FormatMask String

Format in which the number is saved

For example - (nnn) nnn-nnnn

Phone Nested DigitCount Int Number of digits
Phone Nested GeoArea String Geological area name
Phone Nested GeoCountry String Geological country name
IsOrganizationSubpart Simple Boolean
License Nested Number String

State License INTEGER

A unique license INTEGER is listed for each license the physician holds. There is no standard format syntax.

Format examples - 18986, 4301079019, BX1464089

There is also no limit to the INTEGER of licenses a physician can hold in a state.

For example - A physician can have an inactive resident license plus unlimited active licenses.

Residents can have as many as four licenses since some states issue licenses every year.

License Nested State String State License State. Two character field. USPS standard abbreviations.
DoingBusinessAsName Simple String Name of HCO as a Business entity
Taxonomy Nested Taxonomy String

Taxonomy related to HCO

For example - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Taxonomy Nested Type String

Type of Taxonomy

For example - Primary

Taxonomy Nested Group String Group Taxonomy belongs to
Taxonomy Nested ProviderType String Taxonomy Provider Type
Taxonomy Nested Classification String Classification of Taxonomy
Taxonomy Nested Specialization String Specialization of Taxonomy
Identifiers Nested Type String Identifier Type
Identifiers Nested ID String Identifier ID
Identifiers Nested State String Identifier State
Identifiers Nested Issuer String Identifier Issuer
Identifiers Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Identifier Deactivation Reason Code
Identifiers Nested DeactivationDate Date Identifier Deactivation Date
Identifiers Nested ReactivationDate Date Identifier Reactivation Date
Identifiers Nested CreateDate Date Identifier Create Date
Identifiers Nested LastupdateDate Date Identifier Last Update Date
TaxID Simple String Tax ID