Configuring DTSS

How to configure DTSS.

DTSS Configuration Procedures

Refer to the DTSS Configuration Procedures document DTSS Configuration Procedures for detailed information to perform the following tasks:
  • Get Started With DTSS
    • Synchronization Overview
    • Tenant Registrations
    • Tenant Subscription
    • Entity Subscription
    • Potential Matches Search in DT
    • Potential Matches Search in CT
    • Match Explanation
    • Entities Search by DT Potential Matches
    • Facet Search by DT Potential Matches
    • Entities Search in Data Tenants
  • Contracts
    • Configuration
    • Email Template
    • Reporting for Contract
  • DTSS Tasks
    • Common Task Processing Parameters
    • Common Task Fields
    • Common Task Endpoints
    • Manual Tasks
    • Periodic Tasks
    • Tasks Migration
    • Tasks TTL
    • Tasks Background Services
  • Admin Features
    • Full Import Log
    • DTSS Rollover for Elastic Search Full Import Log Index
  • OAuth Instances
  • Model
  • Endpoints

For details about DTSS JMS custom messaging destination provider functionality for a tenant refer to Custom Messaging Provider.