Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

Healthcare professionals (HCP) are persons who have special education on healthcare and who are directly related to provision of healthcare services.

Healthcare professionals maintain health in humans through the application of the principles and procedures of evidence-based medicine and care. Health professionals study, diagnose, treat and prevent human illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in accordance with the needs of the populations they serve. They advise on or apply preventive and curative measures, and promote health with the ultimate goal of meeting the health needs and expectations of individuals and populations, and improving population health outcomes. They also conduct research and improve or develop concepts, theories, and operational methods to advance evidence-based healthcare. Their duties may include the supervision of other health workers.

A healthcare provider also is any provider from whom the University or the employee's group health plan accepts medical certification to substantiate a claim for benefits.

Source: Healthcare Professionals

Table 1. Healthcare Professionals (HCP)
Property Value
URI configuration/entityTypes/HCP
Label HCP
Description Healthcare Professional
Data Label Pattern {FirstName} {MiddleName} {LastName}