Reltio DEA HCP Attributes

Learn about the DEA HCP attributes.

Reltio DEA HCP attributes help in obtaining healthcare professionals master data by mapping the data already available in the DEA data tenant with the HCP columns specified in the DEA source file and then transforming it.

Table 1. Reltio DEA HCP Attributes
Attribute Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Name Simple   String Name
FirstName Simple String First Name
LastName Simple String Last Name
AdditionalCompanyInfo Simple   String Additional Company Information
DEABusinessActivity Simple   String DEA Business Activity
DEABusinessActivityPlusSubCode Simple   String DEA Business Activity SubCode
BusinessActivityDescription Simple   String DEA Business Activity Description
PaymentIndicator Simple   String

Payment Indicator

Paid - P

Exempt - E

Identifiers Nested Type String Identifier Type
Identifiers Nested ID String Identifier ID
Addresses Nested AddressLine1 String Address Line 1
Addresses Nested AddressLine2 String Address Line 2
Addresses Nested City String City
Addresses Nested StateProvince String State Province
Addresses Nested Zip5 String Zip 5
Addresses Nested Zip4 String Zip 4
Addresses Nested DEANumber String DEA Registration Number