DEA Business Activity Description

Learn about the value of DEA business activity description.

The value of DEA Business Activity Description attribute describes the value that appears after combining the DEA Business Activity Code and DEA Business Activity SubCode attributes values specified in the source file.
Note: In DEA data tenant, the value of DEA Business Activity SubCode attribute is already a combination of these two attributes values.
Table 1. DEA Business Activity Description
DEA Business Activity Code DEA Business Activity SubCode DEA Business Activity Code + DEA Business Activity SubCode DEA Business Activity Description
A 0 A-0 Retail Pharmacy
A 1 A-1 Central Fill Pharmacy
A 3 A-3 Chain Pharmacy
A 4 A-4 Automated Dispensing System
A 5 A-5 Online Retail Pharmacy
A 6 A-6 Online Central Fill Pharmacy
A 7 A-7 Online Chain Pharmacy
A 8 A-8 Pharmacy-Mil
A 9 A-9 Pharmacy-Fed
B 0 B-0 Hospital/Clinic
B 1 B-1 Chain Hospital/Clinic
B 2 B-2 Hospital/Clinic-Military
B 3 B-3 Hospital/Clinic-Federal
B 4 B-4 Hospital/Clinic NG [National Guard]
C 0 C-0 Practitioner
C 1 C-1 Practitioner-DW/30
C 2 C-2 Practitioner-Military
C 3 C-3 MLP-Military
C 4 C-4 Practitioner-DW/100
C 5 C-5 Military Practitioner-DW/30
C 6 C-6 Military Practitioner-DW/100
C 7 C-7 Practitioner-DOD Contractor
C 8 C-8 MLP-DOD Contractor
C 9 C-9 Practitioner-DOD Contractor DW/30
C A C-A Practitioner-DOD Contractor DW/100
C B C-B Practitioner-DW/275
C C C-C Military Practitioner-DW/275
C D C-D Practitioner-DOD Contractor DW/275
D 0 D-0 Teaching Institution
E 0 E-0 Manufacturer
E 1 E-1 Manufacturer (Bulk)
F 0 F-0 Distributor
F 1 F-1 Chempack/SNS Distributor
G 0 G-0 Researcher (II-V)
G 1 G-1 Canine Handler
G 2 G-2 Researcher (I)
H 0 H-0 Analytical Lab
J 0 J-0 Importer
J 1 J-1 Importer (C I, II)
K 0 K-0 Exporter
L 0 L-0 Reverse Distributor
M 1 M-1 MLP-Ambulance Service
M 2 M-2 MLP-Animal Shelter
M 3 M-3 MLP-DR of Oriental Medicine
M 4 M-4 MLP-Dept. of State
M 5 M-5 MLP-Euthanasia Technician
M 6 M-6 MLP-Homeopathic Physician
M 7 M-7 MLP-Medical Psychologist
M 8 M-8 MLP-Naturopathic Physician
M 9 M-9 MLP-Nursing Home
M A M-A MLP-Nurse Practitioner
M B M-B MLP-Optometrist
M C M-C MLP-Physician Assistant
M D M-D MLP-Registered Pharmacist
M E M-E MLP-Certified Chiropractor
N 0 N-0 Maintenance
P 0 P-0 Detoxification
R 0 R-0 Maintenance & Detox
S 0 S-0 Compound/Maintenance
T 0 T-0 Compound/Detoxification
U 0 U-0 Comp/Maint/Detox
W 0 W-0 Chemical Manufacturer
X 0 X-0 Chemical Importer
Y 0 Y-0 Chemical Distributor
Z 0 Z-0 Chemical Exporter